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Relocation Details

If you are relocating to the Hinesville area, we've included the following list of helpful addresses, phone numbers, and information.


One of the first things you will need to do in your new home is arrange to get your utilities connected. Here is a list of local utilities, the areas they serve, and any other important information.


Georgia Power- Serves the majority of Hinesville, Allenhurst, Flemington, Fort Stewart, Midway, Riceboro, Walthourville and Ludowici areas. There is an $18 fee for establishing an account. This may be waived depending on credit history. Military is not exempt. Their phone number is 368-3376.

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Coastal EMC- Serves Midway, Riceboro and areas in the east part of the county. There is an $80 charge for homeowners and $115 for renters. Non-military may have fees waived if they can present a favorable reference letter from their previous power company. With a good payment record, the deposit may be refunded after one year. Phone numbers are 884-3311, and 1-800-421-2343.

Canochee EMC- Serves Gum Branch and areas west of Hinesville. There is a $10 connection fee and a $5 membership fee. Military will not be charged a deposit upon presentation of waiver from the Welcome Center at Fort Stewart. Phone numbers are 368-2252, or 1-800-342-0134.


In the cities, water can be turned on by contacting City Hall. Rates depend on usage. In Hinesville, customers who use the least water are billed at a lower rate than high users. Water, sewer and garbage feeds are combined into one bill in the city.

In mobile home or trailer parks, you can get your water turned on by contacting the park's owner or manager. Most park owners have contracts with local water companies, and the fees are included in the lot rental.

Rural subdivisions may also have their own water system, though most rural residents have their own wells.

Natural Gas and Propane

Georgia Natural Gas- Serves parts of Hinesville, Allenhurst, Walthourville, Midway and Lake George. A credit check is run for all new accounts. A good rating will exempt you from a deposit. Military waivers may also be granted with good credit. The amount of the deposit depends on the size of the residence. If there is a meter already installed, there is a $25 fee...with no meter the fee is $50. GNC's closest office is in Jessup, but there is a local number for applications and assistance. Potential customers may call 369-3355 to speak to an account representative.

Gum Branch Propane Gas- Serves Liberty, Long, Bryan, McIntosh and Tattnall counties. There is no deposit, and service may be requested with just a phone call. No application is necessary. There is a free residential safety check before service begins. Tanks are provided at no charge to the customer. The numbers are 876-3003 or 368-3003. Their office is located at 810 Wells Cemetery Road in Gum Branch.

Suburban Propane- Provides service to Fort Stewart, Allenhurst, Walthourville and Ludowici. There is a $140 deposit required. A $45 connection fee will be billed. Military customers who receive a waiver will only be charged the connection fee. Suburban provides free safety checks for leaking tanks, tank inspections, and demonstrations on gas appliances for their customers. Their number is 876-3531. Their office is located at 411 Gen. Screven Way.

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Local Telephone Service and Long Distance Carriers

Besides Coastal Utilities Coastal Long Distance, these carriers can serve local customers' calls outside of Southern Bell's area monopoly, that is, generally, Coastal Georgia. A call to Savannah, for example, would be handled by Southern Bell's affiliate, AT&T, while a call to New York would be handled by the carrier you select. Billing is still by Coastal. Call Coastal Utilities, Inc. 369-9000 Business hours are 8a.m. to 5p.m., weekdays.

Frontier Communications Dial "1"
Residence 1-800-783-2020
Business 1-800-783-2020

Residence 1-800-222-0300
Business 1-800-222-0400

Residence 1-800-849-2111
Business 1-800-849-2111
Coin 1-800-849-2111

Cable & Wireless, Inc.
Business only 1-800-486-8686

Coastal Long Distance Service
Customer Service 877-2000

Coastal Long Distance Web Sit

Sprint Dial "1" Service
Business 1-800-366-1900

LDDS World Com
Residence 1-800-375-1401
Business (small) 1-800-539-2000
Business (large) 1-800-737-8423

LDDS/Metromedia Communications
Residence 1-800-749-9000
Business 1-800-749-9600

MCI Telecommunications Corp.
Residence 1-800-950-5555
Business 1-800-888-0800


Emergency Numbers

There are three civilian law enforcement agencies in Liberty County. They can all be reached in an emergency by dialing 911. That number will also reach the MPs at Fort Stewart, who handle routine law enforcement on post. The Criminal Investigation Command is the base detective unit.

Hinesville Police Department- handles traffic violations and criminal cases within the city limits. They are located on Martin Luther King Drive in Hinesville , and municipal court is held every Wednesday. You may pay traffic tickets or obtain copies of accident or incident reports at the office if the case was handled by the Hinesville Police. You may report crimes by going to the office or calling 368-8211. The detectives' office may be reached by calling 368-8215.

Liberty County Sheriff's Department- covers traffic and criminal cases in the municipalities and unincorporated areas outside Hinesville. There are several offices. Sheriff Don Martin's office is at the courthouse, where you can pay county traffic tickets. They can be reached at 876-2131. The detectives' office is on Airport Road in the Liberty County Regional Jail. Their number is 876-4555. They investigate more serious crimes. You can obtain copies of accident and incident reports there.

Georgia State Patrol- handles traffic violations and some accidents, usually those involving fatalities or serious injuries, within the city and county. Tickets written by the GSP are turned over to the Liberty County Sheriff's Department, and may be paid at the Sheriff's office in the courthouse. Accident reports may also be obtained for $5, and you may get a copy of your motor vehicle driving record. For more info call 876-2141. A Georgia state driver's license may be obtained at the GSP office in Hinesville, located on Highway 84. The driver's license office is open from 9a.m. to 4:30p.m. on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. The office number is 369-3080.

Government Offices

The Liberty County Courthouse and its annex, on South Main Street, contain most of the county business offices.

Clerk of Courts Office
Courtroom One/Grand Jury room
Other courtrooms/Offices
State Court
Liberty County Sheriff
Public Defender's Office
Law Library
Courthouse Annex
Tax Commissioner's
Planning Commission
Tax Assessor
Probate Court
Magistrate Court
County Commission Office
Commissioners' Meeting Room

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